Tuesday, 2 December 2008

"Time for a Massive Change"

These are not my words, but those of Vinod Khosla, CleanTech entrepreneur who since 2001 has built a huge investment in over 40 start-up companies. These companies are across four areas that he defines as 1. the war on oil 2. the war on coal 3. new materials and 4. efficiency.

Vinod has considerable experience in his work in the IT business in India, and now suggests we get smart about CleanTech. His advice is stop looking at "what is" and focus on "what can be". To drive his ventures, he seeks a mix of great people, new ideas (including some that are from people who don't know what can't be done), and people who really understand the area.

His time frame is 5- 6 years and that is for the new start-ups to be providing fuel and energy at lower costs than oil and coal. And those, such as Vinod, will be in the fore front of this massive change. Bring it on!

To see the full interview, click here

pic ex Flickr Vinod Khosla at Web 2.0 by ptufts

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